mythography series

2010 | ongoing

In this ongoing series, I use portraiture to explore the continuing relevance of myths and fairytales in our conceptions of our selves. 

I am interested in examining the complexities of these fairy-tale and archetypal characters, and in seeing the ways in which we draw on these enduring stories to imbue our own experiences with meaning, and to see purpose and narrative in what can threaten to feel like chaos or absurdity. In these portraits I am not interested in using models to illustrate storybook characters, or in faithfully recording the likenesses of contemporary individuals. I want, rather, to explore the meaning that emerges from the layering and interconnectedness of the two.

I find part of that meaning in conversations with the subject, which continue throughout all stages of the process. In the end, each portrait stands as visual documentation of the ongoing and ever-changing relationships between myself, my subjects, the characters, and the stories we have drawn from.


early portraits

2008 - 2010


figurative studies

2008 | ongoing