commissioning a portrait

I am currently accepting portrait commissions. Please read the information below and feel free to contact me with any questions. 

past commissions


portrait sizes & pricing options

The information below should give you an idea of what to expect when commissioning a portrait, but feel free to contact me to discuss the details if the piece you're envisioning seems to fall outside of or between the categories listed here. 

wee portraits on panel

head & shoulders only | simple background

oil on wood panel

single figure | 5x7" or 6x6".....................$300

single figure | 8x8" or 8x 10".................$400

two figures | 8x10" or 10x10"...............$750

These wee portraits are lovely because the panels have a deep profile and can easily be displayed on a shelf or desk without additional hardware.

additional cost for shipping



small portrait on canvas or panel

head & shoulders or 3/4 figure | simple background

oil on canvas or wood panel | 12 - 18" in any dimension

single figure.......................$1200

two figures..........................$1600

wired for hanging | additional cost for shipping



large portrait on canvas

3/4 or full figure | full background

oil on canvas | 20 - 48" in any dimension

single figure..........from $2,400

each additional figure....+ $800

exact pricing depends on size, complexity of the background, and other factors | wired for hanging | additional cost for shipping


For larger portraits, contact me for sizing & pricing options.






the process

Once you get in touch to begin the process of commissioning a custom portrait, I will request a high resolution digital copy of the favorite photograph you would like me to paint from (I'm happy to review several images and give you feedback on which one will translate best into an oil painting) and ask you about the timeframe within which you would like the portrait completed.

Once we have agreed on all the details by email, I will send you a custom link that will enable you to make a secure payment through my website, where I'll ask you to pay half of the agreed-upon price to begin the commission, the rest to be paid upon delivery of the completed portrait. 

Some people prefer to be kept updated on the progress of their portrait, while some prefer to be surprised by the finished piece—feel free to let me know your preference, and I'll be in touch (or not) throughout the process. 

I look forward to working with you!