After rather a long hiatus from painting, I got back to work today and it felt wonderful. I picked up work on the portrait of Kathleen as Demeter that I began back in the Spring, and made progress on the background and face today. The wallpaper is, again, one of William Morris's, and the dress is a gorgeous vintage piece lent by a friend.


Here are a closeup (with obnoxious shine from the wet paint), and one of the whole painting (with studio clutter in the back, of course) as well:

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to getting to work on a second layer on my favorite part of the image:


The light on the hands and the front of the dress was so gorgeous the morning I shot the photos, and all the colors & the transparency of the dress will be a fun challenge. Still trying to decide whether to add more flowers to the two poppy stems she's holding. 

More tomorrow...

AuthorKira Del Mar