In order to end 2011 on a productive note, I've just added all of my series paintings to a new 'small studies' section over on the work page. I'm quite pleased with how these eight have turned out, and I have one left to complete. I abandoned two along the way that I decided didn't fit in with the tone of the others, but I may try to rework them at some point. 

I also added a profile & portfolio at Saatchi Online this week - there won't be any work there that isn't here as well, but I'm offering prints and several originals for sale through their site. Please visit and have a look! 

Coming Soon: In the next week I'll be adding images of several watercolor pencil drawings I've been working on when painting time is limited...drawing is such a nice change of pace. 

Here's to all the new adventures waiting to happen in 2012...



AuthorKira Del Mar