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Kira Del Mar is an artist and teacher living and working in Oslo, Norway (formerly of Oakland, CA)

Largely self-taught as an artist, Kira holds a BA in History from Pomona College and an MPhil in Early Modern History from Cambridge University, where she studied the History of Science and 17th century British alchemical illustration. The daughter of two chemists, her artistic practice has grown organically from a dual interest in the close observation of nature and the historian’s desire for human connection and understanding. 

When she isn't making or teaching, Kira spends her time reading, sewing, gardening, and writing novels each November. 



In all my work, I make room for the quiet, inner life to find its resonance, separated and distilled from a supersaturated world. My work is not an escape or a denial, however, but an act of conservation. It is an intentional upholding of the magic that we build in our lives: the magic of everyday things, the magic of the stories we tell and retell to imbue our experience with meaning, and above all the magic of understanding each other through the intimacy of the image, though we inhabit separate bodies and solitary minds.